New opportunities for innovation

Function 1.2 Connect to global science, technology and innovation to access new opportunities for Australian innovation.
an image of our robot in a tunnel

Our BIA5 Titan robot on the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies’ underground simulation tunnel.

We deliver on this requirement by:

  • accelerating the overall rates of international engagement, operations and collaboration where there is a higher potential impact value return to Australia than available domestically
  • prioritising key regions for sustained presence and development where there is clear intersection with our impact objectives and sustainable business opportunities.

Strategic focus areas for 2020–24:

  • enhancing our global reputation as a world-leading research organisation, solving complex multidisciplinary challenges
  • establishing CSIRO as a trusted science and innovation advisor and partner to government to support foreign policy agenda
  • capturing and drawing innovation and research and development investment back to Australia.

Key activities for 2020–21

Capturing global investments

Global strategy (including Regional Team Australia program): Position our global and regional priorities, strengthen strategic partnerships with government to respond to the COVID-19 impacts on the global landscape, address regional challenges, and ensure the greatest impact from our science.


  1. We are recognised as being part of ‘Team Australia’ in global markets’ access to world-class capability and talent.
  2. Links for our Australian SMEs and domestic university partners to global markets.
  3. Increased value creation for our innovations and services.
KPIs and targets
Outcome KPI Metrics Targets
2020–21 2021–22 2022–23 2023–24
National benefits of international projects and activities.a Demonstrated by an increasing annual portfolio of impact case studies on global activities, with specific assessment of the value created and national benefit. Evidence of national benefit demonstrated by case studies Evidence of national benefit demonstrated by case studies Evidence of national benefit demonstrated by case studies Evidence of national benefit demonstrated by case studies

a. Over the four years, the annual portfolios of impact case studies shall increase to broaden the body of evidence, from 25 to 40 per year to demonstrate impact and from two to six per year to demonstrate national benefit.