Use of facilities

Function 3.1 Ensure utilisation of national facilities and collections.
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Through our national facilities, we’re enabling scientists to deliver world-class research as well as supporting biodiversity through our animal and plant collections.

We deliver on this requirement by:

  • hosting world-class science-ready research facilities and biological collections available for use by the national and international science community across government, academia and industry
  • advising on the identification of facility needs and the design and creation of new national infrastructure.

Strategic focus areas for 2020–24:

  • maintaining Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) leadership and operation of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), international partnerships and collaborations in space and astronomy
  • maintaining supercomputing leadership for Australia and creating a recognised Asian supercomputing zone.

Key activities for 2020–21

Deep space

Deliver the SKA site and technical operations for Australia: Maintain leadership and deliver operations under contract as the SKA site and operations entity in Australia including partnering with industry, science organisations and local and international governments.


Deliver the $70 million technical upgrade of Pawsey’s supercomputers: Implement the upgraded supercomputing infrastructure and meet the expected needs of Pawsey’s users over the next four years including for the Australian Square Kilometre Array and Murchison Widefield Array telescopes, and the SKA.


  1. World-class facilities and collections are available to be accessed and used effectively by the research community and public.
KPIs and targets
Outcome KPI Metrics Targets
2020–21 2021–22 2022–23 2023–24
World-class facilities and collections are made available for access by the research community and used effectively. Facilities and collections achieve a threshold rate of successful usage, with lost time minimised. Achieve or exceed usage rates Achieve or exceed usage rates Achieve or exceed usage rates Achieve or exceed usage rates