Sites and operations

Function 4.2 Ensure CSIRO has sustainable operations, sites and infrastructure.
aerial view of the australian centre for disease preparedness in Geelong - the sea is in the background and a lake and landscape is in the foreground

The Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness is the heart of our COVID-19 response – where we’re playing a critical role in anticipating and preparing for the kind of threat to which the whole nation is now responding.

We deliver on this requirement through finance, governance, information management, property and corporate affairs services to support research and innovation activities, protect our brand, and strengthen our reputation with key stakeholders.

Strategic focus areas for 2020–24:

  • continually improve our ability to strategically allocate resources and monitor for agility
  • adapting to the impact of COVID-19 and building future agility and resilience
  • developing secure and effective systems and platforms to underpin our science.

Key activities for 2020–21


2020–21 Security Action Plan: Focus on developing a strong security culture to enable adequate protection of our people, information and assets. Internally, this will include access to eLearning security modules and assessment procedures, increased engagement between support services, improved assessment tools and awareness raising activities. Externally, the plan will include increased engagement with security agencies and adopting learnings from others.


2020–21 Property Plan: Develop, implement and report on the annual property plan, including addressing the recommendations of Australian National Audit Office’s performance report.


Increased agility of our operations: Enhance the agility and resilience of our operations to manage disruptions such as COVID-19 on our people, customers and governance so we continue to deliver impact for Australia.


  1. We have efficient and sustainable operations and are able to move quickly to address opportunities, thus maintaining our capacity to innovate for Australia.

KPIs and targets

Please refer to the Business Sentiment Survey and Customer Net Promoter Score KPIs on page 37 of the Corporate Plan.